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We are fully committed to developing novel brain health therapies that are safe, improve people’s conditions and promote healthy communities.


"The people at Neurocentria create treatment opportunities for those with neuropsychiatric or neurodegenerative diseases. The reason we get out of bed every morning is to bring life-changing therapies for those with great unmet medical need and their families."

Guosong Liu, MD, PhD

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Neurocentria is a late-stage biotechnology company dedicated to discovering and developing novel treatments for neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders, including ADHD, depression and Alzheimer’s disease.


Since 2005, our team has been innovating breakthrough therapies to address the pathophysiology of these disorders, prevent their progression or even reverse their course, reduce symptoms and improve patients’ performance and quality of life.


Currently available treatments for these disorders are acting on classical targets identified decades ago, especially for ADHD and depression, with no new approaches introduced during this time. And, too often, patients endure just as much from the side effects of their medications.


Our lead drug candidate, NRCT-101SR, is a new class of treatment for neurological disorders, developed to act on new molecular targets. In preclinical studies, NRCT-101, the API of NRCT-101SR, increased synapse density and plasticity, improving synaptic function. Importantly, NRCT-101 enhanced cognitive function and improved emotional regulation in young animals, and prevented synaptic loss and alleviated cognitive impairment in aged animals. Similar effects of NRCT-101 were seen in models of neuroinflammation. 

In early-stage human clinical trials, NRCT-101 was shown to:

➫ Improve mood status in 3-7 days versus the several weeks it
takes for most medications

➫ Address ADHD symptoms without imposing side effects

➫ Improve cognition for adults with late-life depression, anxiety, ADHD and
Alzheimer’s & Alzheimer’s-like symptoms

➫ Produce no negative side effects

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