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Pioneering therapies for people with neurological disorders


20 years of studying regulation of synaptic density and function led us to identify intracellular magnesium as a critical second messenger controlling synaptic function and plasticity.

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Unique approach to promote
synaptogenesis and enhance synaptic function

Through molecular screening, we identified a novel compound that can selectively elevate intracellular magnesium at the synaptic terminal. In vivo, this compound increases synaptic density, function, and plasticity, and improves learning and memory.

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ADHD - Phase 2b/3 trial

Depression - Phase 2b/3 trial

Alzheimer's Disease - Phase 2b/3 trial

Nutraceutical for improving brain health in healthy people

Proprietary compound shown to improve brain health. Marketed since 2012 with approximately 500,000 customers / year.

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