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Neurocentria is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company founded with the mission to discover and develop treatments for neurological diseases, including cognitive impairment and neuropsychiatric disorders.

Neurocentria's research has focused on synaptic function, the elemental unit of neuronal communication and whose dysfunction is a common factor underlying both cognitive impairment and neuropsychiatric disorder. Two decades of research at Stanford, MIT, and Tsinghua University culminated in an understanding of the biology needed to restore synaptic function.  

Based on this understanding, Neurocentria screened for and discovered a compound that can improve synaptic density, plasticity, and function.  Preclinical work showed this compound can improve cognitive function and reduce neuropsychiatric symptoms in numerous animal models of neurological disorders.  Human clinical trials began in 2012 across multiple neurological disorder indications, with promising efficacy and safety results.

Currently, Neurocentria is actively running phase 2 clinical trials for several indications, and planning phase 3 clinical trials for early Alzheimer’s Disease, using its leading drug candidate, MMFS.



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